Can-Am Electric Motorcycles

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50 years after igniting a legacy, Can-Am is taking charge of the future by bringing all-new electric motorcycles to today’s generation. Watch this exciting process unfold in a 4-part docuseries, coming soon.

Get a glimpse of our new models!

Can‑Am Origin

The Can‑Am Origin, a tribute to our motocross heritage.

The Can‑Am Origin is designed to take you well beyond the city. The Origin brings exhilaration to the street and the trail for a modern multi-terrain experience.

Can‑Am Pulse

The Can‑Am Pulse, immersed in the energy of the city.

The Can‑Am Pulse transforms any daily commute into an electric joyride. A balanced and nimble motorcycle designed to immerse you in the energy of your city.


Get an insider look at the design journey behind the Pulse and Origin

See how Can-Am is helping to shape the future of transportation with this 4-part, exclusive behind-the-scenes video series.

Episode 1 - The rebirth

Witness the electrifying revival of the Can-Am motorcycle legacy which started on the racetrack in 1973 and continues today. Check out Part 1 of our exclusive video series, which shows exactly what it takes to bring our very first electric motorcycles to life.

Episode 2 - The inspiration

Don't miss Episode 2 of our exclusive video series, where you will learn about the intricate creative process behind the all-new, versatile Pulse and Origin models.

Episode 3 - The testing

Coming July 15th

Putting our know-how to work, from engineering to testing. In Episode 3 of our 4-part exclusive video series, watch how innovative ideas turn into powerful tech-forward Can-Am electric motorcycles.

Episode 4 - The heart

Coming July 24th

The heart of Can-Am electric motorcycles are the Rotax engine and components. In the final episode of our exclusive 4-part series, learn more about the power behind the new Can-Am Pulse and Origin electric motorcycles.



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The first Can‑Am motorcycles will hit the road before the end of 2024. In the meantime, the team is conducting testing in all possible usage conditions. Early feedback from test riders is that both of these exciting new models deliver a powerful, smooth, and exciting riding experience.

Just like gas motorcycle, electric motorcycles require a license in most countries. The type of license required may depend on the power of the motorcycle and where you are located.

While some electric motorcycles are manual, most of them are fully automatic with no clutch. Can‑Am motorcycles will be fully automatic.

Electric motorcycles can qualify for tax credit/incentives in some states and countries. Check with your region as elligibility may change.

Ease of riding depends widely on the configurations of the motorcycle. As most electric motorcycle don't have a clutch, it facilitates the learning process for beginners.

Generally speaking it will be less expensive than filling up a gas tank but the price can vary depending on multiple factors such as the cost of electricity in your region and the size of the battery.


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