The Deegan Family


Adventure runs in the family

Welcome to the family: The Deegans.

How to make the craziest family on YouTube:

1) Add a pinch of Brian, the most decorated freestyle motocross rider in X Games history;

2) Throw in a dash of Hailie, the first female to win a NASCAR race at just 16 years old;

3) Mix well and serve up the adrenaline!


Created to excite the record setters.

With 240 hp, 7-speed DCT, and as much as 25-inches of suspension travel,
the Can-Am Maverick R gives riders confidence from the start.


Adventure is essential

Whether it's hauling across a dry lake bed, spontaneously tackling a rock climb or fording a stream, you should never feel limited by what you think you can't do. Can-Am accessories help make it happen.

Ocotillo Wells

Favorite spot to go off-road

No caption needed.

Join Brian and Hailie as they spend a family day hitting the off-road trails at California’s Ocotillo Wells to break in a new set of Can-Am Maverick X3 vehicles.