Casey Butler, Eric Chesser and Brian McElrea never knew their paths would cross but they found each other through their shared desire to explore the land. The three conservationists have anchored their entire lives around the mantra that if you have a purpose, you’ll always be successful.

What brought them together is a deep passion for hunting and fishing, of which came Hushin’. They created the business on three core pillars: to inspire new hunters and anglers to get out in the field, raise awareness about land access and hunting issues and give back to their community any way they could.

Head off road with the Hushin’ crew.



Hushin’ on YouTube

What would you do if money wasn’t important? 

The Hushin’ business was a big risk at the time: it was one of the first YouTube channels of its kind dedicated solely to hunting. But ultimately, it worked because fans connected with how passionate and genuine Casey, Eric and Brian are.

“If you’re a hunter or a mountain biker, get out and enjoy it; that’s living the land. Get out and enjoy what we have,” Casey said. “I love to hear that families sit down every night and watch our videos together. If the kids aren’t getting excited about it, there’s going to be no one to pass the torch to one day.”

By going outdoors and displaying their fishing and hunting trips, they would prompt new hunters and anglers, spotlight conservation and land access issues and give back to their community.


Pouring everything they have into Hushin’

A few years ago, Casey had grown tired of the traditional 9-to-5 lifestyle and sought to change it. As a passionnate outdoorsman, he started making vlogs to share his love for fishing and hunting. He had found his calling and was heading outside every day. But he needed to figure out how to make a living from his devotion.

That’s when Hushin’ was born. Before long, Brian and Eric were helping Casey, and their trio was pouring all they had into the project. “We all seemed to be on the same page and have that progressive mindset,” Eric said, “where we’re going to go outside the box and do our channel a little different.”

Driving them were a deep desire to explore the outdoors and a close connection to their land.


A healthier and happier lifestyle

The Hushin’ crew has spent every ounce of energy being authentic and staying true to their three pillars. They believe in living a happier and healthier lifestyle spent outside and outdoors. Eric said he wants to “teach people about this lifestyle that we have, about getting outdoors and shooting bows and hiking.”

If you hold a deer tag, do it because you are hunting the meat like Eric does. The pioneers of Hushin’ believe in respecting and loving the land you rely on for food, in receiving what you put in.

“When I think about living off the land,” Eric said, “it’s consuming the animals we hunt, hunting and fishing for food.”

Hushin’ wants others to enjoy the outdoors and access to the lands. For them, that’s how you reach lasting happiness. They will also give back to their community, having raised well over $100,000 already.


Stay outside. That’s where the future hides.

Casey gets emotional discussing the journey that made it possible to stay outside and earn a living from it. ”I don’t feel like I’ve ever done anything in my life to feel worthy of the success that we’ve had,” he said. “I’d never want to take anything for granted.”

The future is bright for Hushin’. They’ll keep inspiring the next generation with their stories. They’ve built a viable business against all odds, livin’ the land and relying on no one but themselves. Their steps. Their bruises. Their drive. Their pain. Their wins.

Their story

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