On Track for Winter Fun

New generation of Can-Am Apache tracks deliver all year long

Show the Cold What You’ve Got

Make no compromises with a Can-Am quad or SxS equipped with track kits. They improve ground clearance and deliver unmatched performance and durability in the deep snow, to haul huge loads or for trail riding.

The Proof Is in the Features

Each Track With One Purpose

The collection of Apache tracks is made without compromise

Keep riding when the snow starts to fly. Equip your ride with Can-Am Apache tracks to float across any terrain. For the deep snow, for the trail or to haul loads, Apache tracks are designed for work and play.

Built to Fit Your Needs

Can-Am Apache tracks are made with your ride in mind

Apache tracks fit quads or side-by-sides: the long tracks are for the latter while the regular models pair well with ATVs. Match them to the engine output, chassis setup and speedometer for perfect control.

Engineered to Keep It Rolling

Unmatched capability follows everywhere you go

Can-Am track systems deliver for riders in all riding conditions: for leading snow performance, opt for the Apache Backcountry models; for year-long versatility, you need the Apache 360 and 360 LT options.

What Are Apache Tracks Used For?

Stop at Nothing, Not Even Snow

Can-Am Apache tracks turn vehicles into snow warriors

Mount Apache tracks on a Can-Am quad or side-by-side to make it easy to embrace the cold during winter. Travel beyond what you thought possible when the snow starts to fly with tracks designed for no compromises.

Keep It Rolling on All Terrain

Apache kits keep riders on track all year long

Take your Can-Am rides to a new level with the right Apache tracks. For work and play, it has never been this easy to ride through mud, trails, snow and other terrain. Are you ready to rock?

Get It Done Anywhere You Need

Stay ahead of the pack with side-by-side or quad tracks

Mount Can-Am apache tracks on your side-by-side or ATV to tackle your to-do list in all conditions. Having tracks on a Can-Am vehicle gives you greater traction capacity, capable of maneuvering more easily around corners, even on the most demanding terrain.

Introducing the new Apache XC Tracks for 2024

Efficient, sturdy and stylish

A new generation of Apache Tracks has arrived

What Are the New Attributes?

For an edge, try the new Apache XC tracks on a Can-Am ATV or side-by-side for an instant upgrade. Compared to the 360 models, the Apache XC tracks are easier to maneuver and deliver improved durability. Plus, they look better than ever!

All-Around Difference With Apache

Feed Your Inner Explorer

Apache 360 tracks keep your Can-Am quad going

Complete tough tasks and keep riding on all types of terrain with Apache 360 tracks. Multifunctional, they fit all Can-Am ATVs.

- Adapt to your needs: customize your track to fit the terrain you ride across.
- DPS module: the Dynamic Power Steering module syncs your vehicle’s speedometer and odometer.
- Different patterns: front and rear tracks each have their own pattern.

For All Seasons & All Terrains

The Apache 360LT: a supersized version of the 360 tracks

If you’re looking for superior traction or to carry bigger loads on soft terrain, install Apache 360LT tracks on your Can-Am ATV or side-by-side.

- Adapt to your needs: adjust the attack angle of the track to maneuver tight spaces and all kinds of terrain.
- DPS module: thanks to the Dynamic Power Steering module, your speedometer and odometer will stay true and in sync.
- Different patterns: for better steering and traction, front and rear tracks are made of different patterns; plus, they’re longer than the regular 360 option.

Master the Snow in Style

Ready to Carve Through Winter?

The season is full of surprises — and so are you!

Mount Apache Backcountry tracks on a Can-Am vehicle to push boundaries when the snow starts to fly. Delivering better control, they fit all ATVs, the Maverick Trail and Maverick Sport.

- Track patterns: tracks deliver increased flotation and traction in different snow conditions.
- DPS module: enjoy a more responsive experience when you configure multiple settings in the Dynamic Power Steering module.
- Easy to install: specific mounting brackets make it easier than ever to install the tracks on your vehicle.
- Customizable: if you need idler wheels, Vespel sliders or ice scratchers to fit the conditions, it’s possible.
- Less resistance: tracks guarantee less rolling resistance and a higher contact patch thanks to an aluminum slider.

Don’t Let Winter Get in the Way

Maximize the cold season with tracks built for side-by-sides

Prepapre for anything and outfit your Can-Am Maverick X3 or Defender for winter with the larger, bigger Apache Backcountry LT tracks.

- Track patterns: increase the flotation and traction across all snow conditions with a 2" lug and 3" pitch on the tracks.
- DPS module: the Dynamic Power Steering module comes with multiple settings to keep the speedometer and odometer in sync.
- Easy to install: install the long tracks on the vehicle once, and that’s it!
- Customization possible: customize the long tracks with extra wheels, Vespel sliders and ice scratchers to fit the conditions.
- Less resistance: reduce the roiling resistance all while increasing the contact patch.


Choose between the Apache Backcountry Track Kit for ultimate deep snow performance or the Apache 360 LT Track Kit for year-round versatility over all terrain.