What are the must-have Side-by-Side accessories?

Hubert Rowland is always on, in, around—or underneath fixing—his off-road vehicles. as a can-am ambassador, he’s installed and tested dozens of parts and accessories for side-by-side vehicles—we asked him to share his top 7. Start your shopping list…

Your side-by-side accessories kit


Protect yourself from dust, mud, wind and the elements (think windchill in the winter). There are several Can-Am styles to choose from depending on where you ride and what you like. Can-Am has everything from high-impact half or full hard-coated polycarbonate or glass windshields to power-folding (PowerFlip) and ventilated (ProVent) shields. They all come with or without a wiper.

Seems obvious, right? But you may not know that Can-Am roofs unlock more possibilities, like mounting spaces for a stereo, extra electrical switches, rally-style vents, soft storage bags, roof racks, and more. This is one of the most multifunctional SSV accessories out there.

Some Can-Am SSVs come standard with doors. But you might like more freedom, so we give you the option to go from doorless to full cab. Keep out the dust and stay protected from the elements. You can even add exterior handles (Maverick X3) with our selection of door options.

From ranching to hunting to racing, our range of bumpers is designed to match how you use your SSV. Want more Can-Am side-by-side accessories? We also have fender bars, skid plates and rock sliders to fit every off-road vehicle we make.

No outing is complete without a good soundtrack! It amps up your ride and gives breaks a good vibe. We offer several options to suit your machine. Check the side-by-side accessories catalog, there’s even a fully-sealed, off-road-ready subwoofer or two…


This must-have SSV accessory does way more than just get you (or a friend) out of a muddy situation. Winches can be used for all sorts of things like moving felled trees, prying open a stubborn gate or loading your SxS on a trailer. It’s one of those tools you never knew how much you needed.

LinQ System

The LinQ System is designed to work across the BRP lineup: Can-Am Off-Road, Can-Am On-Road, Ski-Doo and Sea-Doo. Once you have the right mounts installed, a whole world of SxS accessories opens up. You can carry tools, bags, coolers—even expand your vehicle’s load capacity. The best part? Everything is toolless: just twist the grips to attach or remove your LinQ accessories.

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