Rain or shine, with this gear you’re ready for the road in any weather

Don’t let the weather wither your will to ride

You’re probably looking for any excuse to get on your Can-Am Ryker or Spyder and hit the road, just like us. If you’re hesitant because of the possibility of a bit of rain, or don’t want to get too hot on the road, these gear tips are right up your alley!

Even if you check the weather before you leave home, things can change quickly on the open road! Today, we're walking through the gear you need to be prepared for any type of ride – rain, shine, or otherwise.

Our brand ambassador Michael J. Mitchell talks through some great gear that is going to help you get out on the road more and enjoy your Can-Am Ryker or Spyder.

Here’s some gear that you’re going to love to have.

Weather is hard to predict down to a tee. One moment it might be nice and sunny, and next thing you know it’s raining. Or your warm evening ride could suddenly get chilly around dusk.

Packable jacket, puffer jacket or long-sleeve packable jackets

Quick changes in weather can leave you exposed. By keeping a packable jacket with you on your Can-Am or a backpack, you’re prepared no matter what. Puffer jackets or long-sleeve packable jackets are easy to stow with you when it’s warmer out and even easier to pull out and put on when it starts getting colder.

Reflective oversuit

If you enjoy rides in the rain, around dusk, during the night or in conditions where visibility is poorer than in broad daylight, you’ll want to get a reflective oversuit. This will exponentially increase your visibility to other riders on the road, especially in rainy weather. 

2-piece waterproof suit

If you’re even more into rainy rides than the last one, a waterproof suit is essential. Michael’s go-to is a two-piece waterproof suit that protects from strong winds. A nice feature to have are foot straps that prevent the suit from riding up.

Lightweight mesh jacket and gloves

Rides on warm days are amazing just the same! And as much as anyone would like to feel the breeze on you, a responsible rider always keeps safety in mind. This is where a lightweight mesh jacket comes in handy. It’ll keep you cool and breezy, and as long as it has SAS-tec or CE-certified protective pads, it will provide you with protection from shock in accidents.

Throw in a pair of mesh gloves and they’ll keep your hands cool and protected on your rides. It’s also good to note that only some countries, such as France, require CE-certified gloves to be worn while riding 3-wheel vehicles and motorcycles, we at Can-Am strongly recommend them to be worn regardless of your local legislation and requirements.

Don’t forget a good base layer

Layers are key in gearing up for a good ride in any weather. You can add or deduct layers according to prevailing conditions to keep yourself nice and comfy no matter the length of your ride.

Layering starts with a good base layer. A good base layer will keep you feeling fresh in all conditions. Take for example Michael’s recommended high-tech carbonized coconut fabric shirt. It wicks moisture and keeps odors at bay, making sure you are having fun and along with any possible riding partners you go along for a ride with.

Lightweight keeps your rides easy

No matter which gear you end up getting for yourself, make sure it fits your needs. Just remember to choose lightweight gear that is packable. This will ensure ease of use and easy access along with easy stowing – a combo that your Ryker or Spyder will surely appreciate.

A great way to start is by having a look at the complete selection of riding gear Can-Am has to offer. The selection can be found in our brochures online, and as always, you can go check availability at your nearest dealer.


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