How to choose the best Can-Am 3-wheel vehicle riding gear for men


When it’s time to pick your riding gear, it’s safety first — but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style! Today, we’re exploring some of the best apparel options to keep you safe on the road and looking great, too.
Can-Am’s entire men’s apparel collection offers proven protection with dual CE and UKCA certification. This means all our garments have gone through rigorous abrasion and impact testing, so you know your gear has passed the required tests. This year, we launched a few new items that merge modern styling with industry-leading safety features. Ready to jump in?

What to look for in a helmet 

We always like to start off with helmets — and yes, they can totally add to your outfit! Our full range has something for everyone and every style. Besides looking great, they must be certified for the road, so look for the DOT or ECE rating on the back of your helmet.

It’s up to you to decide which type is most comfortable. We recommend modular or full-face models because they provide more protection than open-face or jet styles.

Choosing the right jacket 

Now that your head is protected, let’s talk about 3-wheel motorcycle jackets for men. Whether you go for a more modern style or a classic moto fit, make sure your gear has protective pads and abrasion-resistant features.

In terms of modern silhouettes, the utility jacket is popular. The Veda falls squarely into this category and is ideal for summer: it’s lightweight and made of super stretch material. On top of that, it has a Velcro strip to let you add custom patches. Layer it with a hoodie and nobody would ever know you were wearing a riding jacket!

We’ve also got the Rone jacket for those leisurely, scenic rides. Its light insulation makes it a great pick as temperatures start to drop – until approximately 5°C – or for windy days that require a little extra warmth. The coolest part about the Rone is the pocket you can use to film your adventures: just snap it back, insert your phone, and turn on timelapse mode to capture your ride*.

Next up, the Cuna bomber jacket. It’s easy, comfortable, fashionable, and a great outer layer for city driving. We’re all about its contrast sleeves and quilted detailing.

If classic moto styling is more your thing, we also have jackets with traditional silhouettes.

The collection includes a leather waterproof cafe jacket, called the Brode. This one is an absolute classic, with advanced tech features designed for maximal safety. When looking for a leather jacket, always make sure it has vents to adapt to different temperatures.

For warmer days, reach for a mesh jacket like the Sythe: it promotes airflow more than any other material to keep you cool!

Riding in the rain 

A rainy day — or unexpected showers — shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a ride. That’s why we have 3 different portable rain jackets for men.

The Emergency Rain Kit is perfect for sudden changes in weather, while the Packable Rain Kit’s stretchy waterproof material is a little more robust. To look your best as you ride through the rain, the Seil packable jacket is as sleek as it gets.

Pants & gloves 

To complete your look, all you need is protective 3-wheel motorcycle pants for men. We’ve designed our CE-certified riding pants to look just like a pair of regular jeans, so you can feel like yourself every time you hop on your vehicle.

Protecting your hands from the elements is equally important, so a pair of proper gloves is a must. Whether you’re into classic leather or modern mesh, there are tons of CE-certified and tested gloves that can elevate your outfit.

That’s a wrap on our Can-Am men’s riding apparel. With so many options on the market, we’re positive you’ll be able to find a jacket, pants, and accessories that speak to your personal style!

*WARNING: Do not use your phone while driving. Always stop your vehicle in a safe place before installing your phone in the pocket.

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