How to choose the best Can-Am 3-wheel vehicle riding gear for women


Safety is the most fundamental thing to consider when choosing your gear, but we also know it’s important to feel great. So today, we’re exploring some of the best women’s apparel options to keep you safe on the road — and stylish, too.

Choosing a helmet

First up, your helmet! Fashionable headgear can really tie a riding outfit together. Check out our full range from Nolan – there’s something there for everyone. Make sure to look for certified DOT or ECE street helmets to be sure they have gone through rigorous safety testing.

What to look for in a jacket

When shopping for 3-wheel motorcycle jackets for women, there are three things to look out for: road use certification, a comfortable fit, and a style that suits your preferences.

Let’s start with certification. For your gear to be fully tested for abrasion and impact, look for items that are certified CE level A. With this certification, the apparel has gone through rigorous testing to meet the standard safety requirements. All our Can-Am gear is CE and UKCA certified, so no matter which pieces you pick, you can enjoy complete peace of mind.

CE Level A jackets are equipped with pads, and all of our jackets come with removable elbow and shoulder pads featuring SAS tech. This technology means the jackets harden on impact but are also flexible enough to mold to your body. You won’t even notice them when you slip on your jacket!

Finding your jacket style 

While every road gear company creates apparel for women, this year, the Can-Am team focused on creating women-first designs and fits. We incorporated plenty of stretch and adjustable elements to make sure every woman of every size can ride comfortably.

Now, let’s dig into different styles you can reach for!
For a casual look, our lightweight Lipa jacket is a fresh take on a denim utility jacket. It’s a boxy fit made with stretch material that looks great layered on top of a hoodie. Plus, this jacket comes with a customizable kit and patches to help you make it your own.

If you’re looking for a heavier-weight jacket, leather is your friend. The Vick is a modern take on a classic leather riding jacket. Quick tip: always look for supple waterproof leather with a membrane to keep you dry and comfortable.

Are you more into classic motorcycle styling? This collection also leans into the traditional moto aesthetic. The Tuli mesh jacket has some stretch softshell-like material to hug your curves and move with you. Then we have the Annick leather hybrid jacket, which has 4-way stretch panels and adjustments on the lower back that mold to your body as you ride.

What to look for in riding pants

Now it’s time to complete the second half of your look. All of our 3-wheel motorcycle pants for women are CE certified — and look just like regular bottoms! Choose pants with pockets for protective padding as well as an abrasion-resistant Kevlar lining that protects your legs.

The best part about all of these styles? They come in extended sizes up to 2X, as do our Tuli, Annick, and Lipa jackets.

Riding in the rain

If you’re gearing up for a drizzly day, we have two tiers of rain jackets for different types of weather.

First, there’s the Emergency Rain Kit to get you through any unexpected changes in weather. And for something a little more heavy-duty, we suggest the Packable Rain Kit made of stretchy waterproof material.

Protecting your hands

What’s left after all that? Only one of the most important accessories: gloves! They keep your hands warm and protected from the harsh elements like wind, rain, or snow. From leather to mesh and anything in between, there are tons of CE-certified and tested gloves to keep you warm, safe, and stylish. Just make sure to try on the gloves before you ride and look for models with adjustable elements and stretch fabric for maximum comfort.

There’s your intro to women’s riding gear! With so many options on the market, we’re positive you’ll find a jacket, pants, and accessories that speak to your personal style. For even more Can-Am gear, make sure to check out our sportswear collection, which is also available in extended sizing! We’ll see you out there on the way to your new playground.

*WARNING: Do not use your phone while driving. Always stop your vehicle in a safe place before installing your phone in the pocket.

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