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New accessories & apparel for every rider.

Chase the Thrills in Style

Off-Road Livin’ has never looked this good

Every Can-Am accessory and piece of riding gear is crafted for next-level style and seamless integration. Whether adventuring on or off the trails, we’ve got everything you need to push further and do it all with flair.

Can-Am x FastHouse

 From dunes and desert riding to side-by-side races in the coolest open spaces, FastHouse represents the riding spirit at its core. The FastHouse vision: Riding is for camaraderie, friendship and good times. For the first time, the Can-Am X FastHouse collaboration provides riders with the retro styling and spirit they all have within themselves.

SMART: Intelligence Meets Accessories

Can-Am SMART accessories are an industry first. These performance-driven accessories designed for the Maverick R react to the vehicle’s dynamic. Real-time SMART lights will adjust based on the vehicle’s speed and direction to maximize your visibility and keep your focus on the right spot.

Audio: Amplify the Maverick Experience

Developed in collaboration with JL Audio, the Maverick R Audio delivers premium sound for the ultimate riding soundtrack.

In order to provide an exceptional audio experience, more options are available to suit all levels of audiophiles. Available in a complete vehicle integration or as an added Audio Roof, the JL Audio system brings performance to new heights.

New Level of LinQ Integration

Enhance your ride by maximizing the cargo space with LinQ. The Maverick R is compatible with 16’’- and 36’’-inch wide LinQ mounting bases, making it compatible with the full ecosystem of LinQ accessories.

Secure : Elevate your riding experience by never having to worry about how secure your cargo is through the bumps and the turns.

Quick : Add, remove or relocate accessories in seconds. LinQ adapts to all tasks and all destinations, with the widest ecosystem of accessories.

Easy : LinQ’s simplicity is what makes it one of the most intuitive accessories to use on any vehicle. Simply lock and stack to maximize your ride’s capacity.


  • Can-Am SxS vehicle Audio Roof sound system

    Can-Am JL Audio Roof - Level 4

    Create the ultimate riding soundtrack for you and your friends with a Can-Am JL Audio Roof - Level 4. With weatherproof components, this system was designed for optimal sound quality and maximum fun.

  • Integrated LED Side Mirror Lights for Can-Am Side-by-Side vehicles

    SMART Integrated LED Side Mirror Lights

    The SMART Integrated LED Side Mirror Lights follow steering wheel input, increase the width of the beams, and illuminate your wheel path for increased visibility.

  • LinQ Pivoting Rack for Can-Am SxS vehicles

    LinQ Pivoting Rack

    The LinQ Pivoting Rack lets to install a spare tire or up to three 16'' LinQ accessories on top. Install this rack, secure your gear and head out to play!

  • Can-Am Side-by-side vehicle Cold Air Roof Scoop

    Cold Air Roof Scoop

    Feed your ride with an endless supply of fresh air to your engine compartment when a full windshield is installed. Add a Cold Air Roof Scoop and prevent loss of power as you propel yourself to the head of the pack!

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