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Sarah Dubbeldam

Darling and daring

Sarah Dubbeldam wouldn’t change a thing about being the lone woman of the four-person Dubbeldam clan.

As mother of two young boys and wife of Wilderness Collective founder Steve Dubbeldam, she’s the one woman of her household. “It’s interesting and challenging to not have a fellow girl,” she says. “I can see the way (the boys) are wild and bite into the world.”

More than anything else, it has taught this former competitive figure skater that she’s more adventurous than she first thought.

Ride along to get to know someone who emphatically calls herself good at being a boy mom.

Finding beauty in every moment

Sarah’s schedule is tightly regimented. Her life would feel hectic otherwise.

Work starts around 9 a.m. — but by then, she’s already a few hours into her day. She has become a morning person “due to circumstances,” she says. Having two young children will do that. “I prefer waking up,” Sarah says. “I love the smell and ritual of coffee.”

Coffee helps with the gigantic task of getting her children into the car every morning. After dropping them off, Sarah works from home until 3 p.m. before picking her kids up and spending time with them outside in Los Angeles. From there, it’s back home for a family dinner and an early bedtime to start it all over the following day.

Sarah and Steve feel like it’s “a good rhythm.” Fridays come with a movie night and Saturdays, an outdoor adventure. In both cases, they do it together as a family of four. “We’re a ‘do stuff’ family,” Sarah says.

You don’t say.

Being comfortable with pushing your limits

Sarah is the founder and CEO of Darling, which started as a blog in 2011 and has in the time since evolved to become a global lifestyle and multimedia company.

She has put women empowerment at the core of Darling’s mission. “We’re never retouching the bodies in the magazine,” she says. “The goal of the brand is for women to feel seen and loved.”

That’s where the name came from, too. Sarah wanted “a word that felt affectionate toward women,” she says. “A feminine, beautiful word.”

She settled on a word that’s one letter off from another telling word: DARING.

Listen to the music of your life

Sarah picked up off-roading from Steve. Riding is built into the family DNA when your partner owns a company that, per the company website, helps clients “discover a rhythm of adventure in their own lives.”

Over time, off-roading has become grounding and spiritual for Sarah. As a creative person, she finds the beauty and design of nature inspiring. Being outdoors somewhere different and beautiful “is a great way to connect with your family,” she clarifies.

That’s one way that she likes to push further. But riding has also taught her to listen to the music of her life, she says. “Every day is full of little moments and decisions,” she explains. From the mundane to the hard moments, you can make a choice to be intentional and fully present — or not.

She embraces what she’s going through whether it’s positive or negative. Even when she’s “out in the middle of nowhere and with no access to things” as she describes some of her toughest challenges. “I love adventure and creativity,” she says, “and seeing how those things connect in my life and help me connect with other people.”

How do you shake the monotony of everyday life?

The best off-road adventures will get the Dubbeldam family out of their daily routine into a foreign environment that challenges them. It’s getting there that’s rough. “I definitely don’t like packing and unpacking,” Sarah says. “But it’s the best feeling when you hit the road and feel the freedom.”

The family is always looking to go on adventures more often because it’s “something we can all do and enjoy at once,” Sarah says. “You get to be a child for a second time.”

Their family heads out where the pavement ends because there’s something liberating about leaving their structured lives behind. “How do you shake the everyday monotony? How do you break it down and escape that,” Sarah says, “to get back to it recharged?”

Their favorite part about going to “a remote place with no modern luxuries” is it forces her to solve problems — to find solutions.

Riding is enabling destinations

The more often you go, the more you can push

For Sarah, Can-Am and adventure go together. Sarah says she found a good match in Can-Am Off-Road. “You don’t feel like it’s too much machine for you,” she says. “It’s cathartic to be able to drive over anything.”

Typically, she’ll do that in a Can-Am Commander. « You can’t drive a car anywhere, but you can ride a UTV just about anywhere, » Sarah says. She continues: “I’m not a huge risk taker with sports. You feel fancy but also rugged at same time.”

Going to remote places on side-by-side adventures has taught her a lot about herself. “Riding encourages you to be focused, thoughtful, strategic and brave,” she explains. “This is how you should be when you ride, and it will flow into other areas.”

When you’re riding, every moment becomes a teaching moment. Every moment, she says, “makes you rethink your way of thinking about the world.”

That’s also true for her life.


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