Want to upgrade your vehicle? Thinking about selling your current one? It’s all here.

Looking to trade in or sell your current ride?

We know you love your Can-Am On-Road vehicle, and we can’t say we blame you. But if you’re in the market for a new vehicle, our experts can facilitate an upgrade or help you with the sale of your current one.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing genuine Can-Am parts, vehicle accessories or riding gear can easily be done directly with your authorized dealer or via our online store. Please refer to the Accessories & Gear section on our website or use our online dealer locator to find a dealer new you.

With the part number (SKU) or product name/keywords, you can find instruction sheets here!

Please contact the dealership you purchased the part or accessory from, they’ll gladly assist you! If you purchased a part or accessory from our online store, you can contact our fulfillment partner KIBO at 877-412-7467.

If you have any concerns about a part or backordered part, please contact your dealership's Parts department directly. If needed, they can always contact BRP's dealer support for further assistance.

You can can reach out to your local Can-Am On-Road dealership to verify if replacement parts are available for your accessory and order directly with them! They'll be happy to help.

Yes, if you order parts/accessories from our online store, they will be shipped directly to you. However, BRP cannot drop ship to riders, so if you're ordering parts for repair through your dealer, you'll need to discuss available options with them. They'll be happy to help!

You can always check out the Accessories & Gear section on our website, it details the accessories and which model they're compatible with. Plus, your authorized dealership is only a call away. You can always contact them if you have any questions regarding compatibility, they'll be happy to help!

Feel free to get in touch with your authorized Can-Am On-Road dealership, they'll be happy to help as they know where to look for vintage/obsolete parts that BRP no longer carries.

You can find general information on available promotions and incentives in your area in the Promotions section of our website here! Otherwise, your authorized Can-Am dealer will happily answer any questions you may have about availability and eligibility requirements.

Feel free to contact your dealer, they should be able to verify all promotions and discuss specifics with you. If you still require assistance, you can always contact Can-Am Customer Service and we’ll be more than glad to help!

You can always speak with your dealership about the new promotion. They can verify eligibility and contact Can-Am directly to inquire further.

Since BRP cannot support import/export, we strongly recommend you purchase in the country of intended use. Safety and environmental requirements are different from region to region, and warranty is only valid in the country of purchase. So, if you intend to import/export a BRP product, please contact a customs broker for required documentation and instructions.

Please get in touch with your dealership – they'll be the first to know when your new Spyder or Ryker will be delivered. Once they receive it, they'll be able to set up a time for you to come pick it up!

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If you still can't find what you're looking for, get in touch with your local dealer or reach out to us here!