Last Updated: 02/04/2020


(“UGC Terms of Use”)


BRP wishes to be able to feature content provided by social/online media users on various platforms and hereby requires you (the “User”), to read and understand the following as BRP may use the content you have submitted/published.  

User hereby grants to Bombardier Recreational Products Inc., BRP US INC., BRP European Distribution SA and their parents and affiliated companies and subsidiaries, their authorized dealers and distributors and authorized third-parties (collectively “BRP”) the unrestricted, worldwide, perpetual, fully-paid, transferable and sublicensable right and license, for any purposes whatsoever, to use the related image(s), picture(s), portrait(s), voice(s), audio, video, geo-location and/or word(s) and all variations of the foregoing, whether reproduced exactly or reproduced in another form (the “Content”), in all manner of media and types of advertising, publicity and promotion, as indicated below. This consent is given in consideration for good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which the User hereby acknowledges.   

User agrees to allow BRP to use the Content by

  1. tagging the Content with the applicable branded hashtag #Onaquebecaparcourir, as promoted by BRP, in the user’s post caption,
  2. replying to a request for permission with the hashtag #YesOnRoad, or any applicable hashtag as required by BRP in its request for permission and
  3. directly submitting Content to BRP under any other circumstances, you agree with the following terms and conditions.

User hereby represents and warrants the following:

  1. User has full power and authority and has all applicable and required rights and permission to grant BRP with the authorization to use the Content as referred herein, including prior consent of all persons (or his or her legal guardian, if a person identified or depicted is a minor) to the use of the Content,
  2. User is not a minor in its place of residence,
  3. the Content is not deemed confidential,
  4. the Content will not violate any third-party rights, any law, rule or regulation and will not be deemed obscene, disparaging, hateful, offensive or otherwise illegal,
  5. User acknowledges that BRP does not have the obligation to identify User, neither anybody, in connection therewith by name and/or affiliation with BRP,
  6. User understands that BRP may publish, display, reproduce, edit, copy and distribute the Content for commercial matters for BRP worldwide in all forms of media now known or later developed, including but not limited to advertising, promotion, training, web sites, presentations, direct mail and marketing materials and
  7. User waives the right to inspect or approve any such use.

These UGC Terms of Use shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the province of Quebec without regard to conflict of laws and principles. User hereby waives all rights and remedies under any state laws or regulations relating to the rights granted in this UGC Terms of Use. User hereby releases BRP from any claims and/or damages that may arise regarding the use, reproduction, display, and distribution of the Content, including any claims of defamation, invasion of privacy or violation/infringement of copyrights or rights of publicity.

By submitting Content to BRP, you agree to the collection, use and storage of your personal information in accordance with the BRP privacy policy (

BRP reserves the right to modify these UGC Terms of Use without notice by posting a revised UGC Terms of Use on their website. Accordingly, User must review the UGC Terms of Use each time permission or authorization is granted to feature Content.