About This Series

This isn’t a collection of far-fetched stories—for these Can-Am owners, it’s life. Take a never-before-seen look into what drives the next generation of pioneers from sunrise to sunset.

From ranchers to farmers and those with a close connection to their land, hear what makes their journey so rewarding. It’s the life they’ve built against all odds—one step, one bruise, one win at a time. We’re proud to bring you these stories and share a new perspective on living the land.


NEW - Season 3

Livin’ the Land is back with new perspectives on cherishing the land! In season 3, meet new farmers, off-roaders, and champagne makers who push further every day and live close to their land.

Caribe United Farm

Gabriel and Tamita have poured everything into Caribe United Farm to bring Caribbean culture to farming. It’s their version of the American Dream.



Champagne G.X. Crochet

Xavier and Gaëlle Crochet have brought their own vision to the family’s champagne business to uncork the right blend of heritage and high-end product.



Rissington Cattle Company

The Absolom family has run the Rissington Cattle Company in New Zealand for over 140 years by embracing innovation and change at every turn.


Tom Hawkins

The life of Tom Hawkins combines the spoils and glory of AFL football with the grind and hard work of running a family farm. He wouldn’t change a thing.




Season 2

Welcome to season 2 of Livin’ the Land! Hop on for an inside look at the next generation of trailblazers  — farmers, ranchers, agave producers, and other — who keep chasing work and getting things done.

Dittmann Bucking Bulls

The Dittmann Bucking Bulls ranchers have gone all-in on raising championship-winning bulls for PBR and become the pride of their Australian hometown.

Brett Smith

Brett Smith has turned a passion for hunting into a career. He helps riders maximize their hunts by convincing them to give sustainability a shot.

La familia Trujillo

The Trujillo family has produced agave for some of the biggest tequila brands. They believe in doing things the right way and protecting their land.

7 stuarts

Stuart Ranch has a storied tradition that dates back to 1868. See how the Stuart family has embraced change to find a way to diversify and evolve.



Season 1

Introducing Livin’ the Land. Discover pioneers and thrill seekers, farmers and ranchers, cowboys and bull riders, driven to do it all. They live close to their land and enjoy every day like it’s their last.

5 mary's

Born entrepreneur Mary Hefferman and her husband traded Silicon Valley for the 500 heads of cattle, the 600 sheep and the 180 hogs of 5 Marys Farms.




alex templeton

Alex Templeton was always going to uphold the family legacy and continue to work on the family farm. She wouldn’t want to be anywhere else


The three Hushin’ founders turned their passion for hunting and fishing into a platform that highlights conservation and land access issues in the US.

chase outlaw

Chase Outlaw has broken almost every bone in his face but he keeps riding. Every day, this cowboy inspires the next generation of bull riders.


kristy lee cook

Kristy Lee Cook was on the fast track to stardom as a country singer when she got injured. She then turned her passion for horses into her life’s calling.




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