This isn’t a collection of far-fetched stories—for these Can-Am owners, it’s life. Take a never-before-seen look into what drives the next generation of pioneers from sunrise to sunset. From ranchers to farmers and those with a close connection to their land, hear what makes their journey so rewarding. It’s the life they’ve built against all odds—one step, one bruise, one win at a time. We’re proud to bring you these stories and share a new perspective on living the land.

Episode 5  

Kristy Lee Cook - Horse trainer, renowned singer, and much more

From traveling across the U.S. competing on American Idol to being a barrel horse trainer and much more, Kristy Lee Cook knows more about resilience than most.


Would this barrel horse trainer, mother, business owner, and TV host change a thing? Watch her episode of Livin' The Land for the answer and to see how this thrill-chaser inspires a new generation of Texas young women to cherish the land they live on.

Episode 4

Chase Outlaw - Born to be a cowboy

You don’t quit just because you got hurt. Chase Outlaw has the scars to prove it. This professional bull rider has broken almost every bone in his body but he always gets back on his feet—and on a bull.


The Arkansas native and family man has become a community leader in his home state, making it his life mission to inspire his children and the next generation of riders to live from their land.

Episode 3

How Hushin’ embodies livin’ the land

Casey Butler, Eric Chesser and Brian McElrea were never meant to stay indoors. They feel most alive outside, or hunting and fishing. They’re pioneers: they each left their 9-to-5 lifestyle to create one of the first hunting businesses of its kind.


Hushin’ is the result of three individuals who see the opportunity in inspiring the next generation of hunters and anglers. The trio has raised awareness about conservation issues and land access and give back to the community every way they can.

Episode 2

Alex Templeton - Third generation farmer / rancher / hunter

Born and raised on the family farm in northwest Missouri, Alex Templeton is and always has been a true rancher. From an early age, she was at her dad’s side and learning all aspects of farming and ranching work. After growing up within that rural life, she left to pursue a college degree.


Achieving her goal and getting her degree, Alex returned to life on the ranch—and started to make her mark in modernizing the family business. Land management is a passion, growing mature Whitetails and bowhunting are some of her favorite hobbies. New school ranching & old school work ethic.

Episode 1

5 MARYS FARMS - Giving up Silicon Valley suburbia for real ranch livin'

Carhartt-wearing, lamb-pulling, small-town business owner Mary Heffernan, her husband Brian, and four daughters (all named Mary!) once called Silicon Valley home. Mary and Brian—an attorney—flourished as small business owners, and planned to raise their family in the suburbs.


Today, Mary leads a new—but much larger—enterprise, 5 Marys Farms. She leads all aspects of the family ranch, now marketing, packaging, and shipping ranch-raised beef, pork, and lamb across the country. From their farm to their rural storefront—and directly to customers.


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