Middle of Australia

Join Toby Price and three of his mates as they set off on an unforgettable adventure through Australia’s famous Red Centre.

Exploring Alice Springs in the Maverick X3

Toby Price doesn’t do down time like most people. When he needs to unwind he goes looking for adventure, and the Maverick X3 is his favourite way to find it. What does Alice Springs and its surrounds have in store for Toby and his mates?

Australia’s Red Centre.

One of the most unique places on the planet. A vast stretch of unforgiving land, steeped in both natural and cultural significance. A beauty that is rugged, red and impossible to truly appreciate until you’re seeing it through your own eyes.

You’d be forgiven for thinking Toby Price only knows one speed when it comes to Alice Springs. After all, he’s a seven-time Finke Desert Race winner with six titles on two wheels and one on four. Before there was Dakar, there was Finke. It’s this country that created the legend that is Toby Price.

But in the heat of competition you don’t get much of a chance to take in your surrounds, and the overwhelming beauty of the Red Centre isn’t something to be missed. So, off the back of his latest Finke triumph, Toby decided to take the pace out of life for a few days and head off on an adventure.

You don’t keep the natural wonder of Alice Springs yourself, so Toby put the call out to his mates Shaun, Todd and Courtney – let’s see what this amazing piece of the Territory has to offer.

Standing around the fire and sleeping in swags under the stars by night, exploring the bush in Maverick X3s by day. Does it get any better? And when your tour guide is Toby Price, the undisputed King of the Desert, you know it’s going to get your heart racing. Even when he’s taking it easy he can’t help but put the X3 through its paces.

Riding in the Red Centre

The Red Centre beckons as Toby Price and three of his mates grab some Maverick X3s and go looking for adventure.

4WD24/7 Episode

Who better to give you a tour of the Red Centre than the King of the Desert, seven-time Finke Desert Race winner Toby Price. And what better way to get around than in a Maverick X3.

Toby Price

The ultimate King of the Desert.

Not only is he a two-time Dakar Rally winner, he’s also a seven-time Finke Desert Race champion and the only person to have conquered Finke on both two and four wheels. He’s the proud owner of a Maverick X3 RS Turbo R and a dedicated Can-Am ambassador.

Todd Waters

Best known for his work on two wheels.

He’s raced bikes all over the world, is an Australian Motocross Champion and recently followed in Toby’s footsteps and began competing in off-road and desert racing events. Can he keep up with Toby in the Maverick X3?

Shaun Whale

Lover of the great Outdoors.

He spends his life camping, fishing and tackling the toughest tracks and trails in the country in his four-wheel-drive for fun and for documenting on his channel 4WD 24/7. He knows the bush, but seeing it from a Maverick X3 is a whole new experience.

Courtney Atkinson

Mr Endurance.

Former olympic triathlete, renowned endurance runner and adventurer Courtney Atkinson is no stranger to bashing through the bush – but he’s usually doing it on foot, not from the comfort of a Maverick X3.


The Dakar champ’s choice

When you’ve conquered the mighty Dakar twice, you’ve earned the right to be picky about what goes in your garage. Toby Price chooses the Maverick X3 for his four-wheel fun.


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