Own Every Job

Our Can-Am Beasts Make It Easy to Work Hard

It’s Time to Kick Your Feet Up

Master every tough challenge and reinvent your grind with a Can-Am workhorse. Our vehicles make easy work of your tough jobs to tick off your to-do list. What will you do with all that free time?

I’m thankful every day that this is the life I live and this is what I was born into.

- Chase Outlaw, Can-Am Ambassador

Never Be Overpowered

A Rotax Engine in Every Ride

A Can-Am workhorse is powered by a Rotax engine for unmatched performance — without compromising reliability. With less noise and vibration, your experience is elevated to keep you focused on the task at hand.

When You Say Tow, We Say How Much

Working Together for Capable Hauling

Move loads up to 1,300 lb (590 kg) with the Can-Am Outlander, 2,500 lb (1,134 kg) with the Defender, 3,000 lb (1,360 kb) with the Defender 6x6, and 2,000 lb (907 kg) on the Commander. That’s what it means to work hard!

New Ways to Stow and Go

Reinvent How You See Storage Space

Don’t fret, you’ll be surprised at how much you can pack in just one vehicle. With gimmick-free practicality, our workhorses are designed to move dirt, mulch or rock around the property — with room to spare.

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Shop working Accessories

  • Can-Am Defender towing a trailer

    Defender accessories

  • Two Can-Am Outlander vehicles

    Outlander accessories

  • Man walking past a Can-Am Outlander Pro equipped with working accessories

    Outlander Pro accessories

  • Two men loading the bed of a Can-Am Commander

    Commander accessories


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