Don't leave home without these Off-Road essentials

Our Can-Am ambassador Dustin Jones has years of off-road riding under his belt, and he's learned from experience a few things you MUST HAVE when hitting the trails! Never go 'Full send' without these essentials, according to Dustin:


1. Water & Snacks

This might seem simple, but it's essential when going out for a day outdoors. Stay hydrated and don't go hungry! Expect to sweat more than normal, so always carry extra water.


2. Spare belt

One of those essential items that is easy to bring along, takes up very little space—and may save you or a friend in need.


3. Can-Am Battery Pack

Bring along a modern, compact battery Jump Starter; not only can it start your Can-Am but can also charge USB devices or supply emergency power to a battery-powered device.


4. Tire plug kit & air compressor

In case of a flat tire, tire plugs are simple, compact, cheap, and effective. Sometimes, all you need is a patch & some air to make it back home—on longer tours or when in remote areas, consider bringing an air compressor. (FYI our Emergency Kit comes with an air compressor!)


5. Tow rope

Getting stuck is no fun—it's even worse if you don't have a rope or a winch to get yourself out! You can purchase different recovery ropes from off-road suppliers depending on the riding you do, but one thing is for sure: never use ratchet straps as a recovery or as a tow rope.


6. Toolkit

For minor mechanical needs while out on the trail, this official LinQ toolkit locks in place and has everything you need for basic off-road repairs.


7. First Aid / Emergency Kit

Just in case someone gets hurt, you'll have all the necessary items with you. Also consider packing fire starters, flashlight, extra batteries, a splint, tourniquet, and even insulin in your First Aid Kit—you never know in advance whose life you'll save by being prepared.

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