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Leasing can be the most financially advantageous way to enjoy the open road. Plus, it allows you the opportunity to experience other models sooner without being tied to a long-term contract. Learn more


When you finance, your name goes on the title, and once you pay it off, you own it outright. Down the road, you may also be able to sell it or trade it in. 


You own it outright. Fresh out of the dealership and already all yours. 

You set the term

We offer leases of 24, 36 or 48 months


Lower monthly payments

Pay only for your usage or the time you
have it


Choose your mileage allowance

You have the option of either 3,000 miles/year or 6,000 miles/year

Competitive rates and terms

Low rates provided by BRP


Affordable monthly payments

Pay for your vehicle over several months


Ride as far as you want

No mileage limits

No rates or terms

You own the vehicle


No monthly payments....

But great deals on units


The vehicle is yours

Unlimited mileage

Flexibility at lease-end

You can turn-in your vehicle and upgrade to a new model, buy your leased vehicle for a preset price, or turn-in your keys
and walk away

Keep it for as long as you want

Once it's paid off, the vehicle is yours


Keep it for as long as you want

The vehicle is yours

Find the option that's right for you
and calculate your monthly payment.

Have a unit to trade in? Find out what your vehicle is worth and use it as a down payment.

Want to discuss your terms with an expert? Find a dealer near you!