The Can-Am On-Road Spyder RT, Then and Now

From how it looks to some of its new features, the Spyder RT model has seen some changes over the years—we'll look at all of these here.

Back in 2010, we launched the very first Spyder RT model. Over the course of the decade, this ride has undergone its fair share of changes. In this article, we’ll compare and contrast the redesigned Spyder RT model with its former self, from its design, comfort, convenience and versatility.

A closer look

Louis Ménard from Can-Am shares his thoughts and insights on the Spyder RT redesign.

Deep dive into the redesign

Louis Ménard from Can-Am is a longtime Spyder RT rider. Join him as he takes a closer look at the evolution of the vehicle, walking you through what features have changed with its recent refresh.


Our design and engineering team broke new ground on the reimagined Can-Am On-Road Spyder RT. At first glance, you'll notice this newer model looks a little different compared to its previous versions. It’s sleeker, edgier, and has an intentional, luxurious quality to it. Stylish and slick, the Spyder RT's appearance comes chock-full of knockout details that make a huge difference from an aesthetic perspective, like its liquid titanium-colored trims or 6-spoke liquid titanium machined wheels with a smooth, satin finish. We also installed LED lights to modernize the experience. All of these little touches help breathe new life into the Spyder RT model, giving it a more contemporary look and feel that’s easy on the eyes—and a whole lot of fun to ride.

In 2021, we released the Spyder RT Sea-to-Sky. This model gets its name from the famed highway in British Columbia, a stretch of road with some unbelievably breathtaking views. We couldn't help but be reminded of its beauty when thinking up its design. While the Spyder RT Sea-to-Sky looks great with an eye-catching metallic finish, it also comes with extra features, too.



We’re giving you space—lots of it. The Spyder RT's redesign focuses heavily on the rider’s comfort so you can spend long hours exploring the open road with total ease. The seating has been upgraded and fitted with lumbar support, so you can wave goodbye to back pain too. The driver’s seat is placed about an inch beneath the passenger’s seat for increased comfort and stability. And because who doesn’t love a little more legroom, we went ahead and gave our riders extra space with large touring floorboards. Making the Spyder RT model a much more comfortable ride was at the top of our list. So, settle in and hit the road, we think you’ll like how it feels.



You wanted more storage, so we made it happen. The redesigned Spyder RT features increased cargo capacity, giving you plenty of room for everything you need to bring along on your next adventure. As always, the front of the vehicle includes a bin, saddlebags, and top case. The difference is that the top case now has more room. But what’s maybe the Spyder RT’s most standout feature is its increased volume. When you’re pulling up to a rest stop, you’ll be able to fit two large helmets comfortably in the top case. This offers you greater peace of mind and heightened convenience. You’ll never have to worry about leaving your gear unattended or carry bulkier items with you, so you can take all the time you need to rest easy. If you want a ride that achieves a much sportier look, swap the top case with the rear panel and you'll be all set.



When considering this redesign, we wanted to offer our riders a more versatile experience, one that can be adapted to their lifestyle and needs. We’ve heard from so many of you that one of the most exciting new features of this reimagined version is the fact that it's more customizable than it was before. For example, the top case can easily be replaced with other 16-inch LinQ compatible accessories, configured in a way that's built for you. This is especially necessary if you already have other LinQ accessories—for example, a LinQ cooler. You’ll be able to conveniently carry along a few of your refreshments and share them with your friends once you’ve pulled over. They’ll be amazed, and maybe even a little bit jealous.


View of a white Can-Am Spyder with riding upgrades
View of a white Can-Am Spyder

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