“Ever since my first ride, I have been the Can‑Am queen.”

Andrea Shepherd is a nurse from New Orleans with a passion for riding, an infectious smile and a bigger-than-life personality. We’re thrilled to profile this self-proclaimed queen for our People of the Open Road series.

As a child, Andrea loved being bold and different, but her mom had other ideas, even preventing her from riding a bike out of fear of her getting into accidents. Years later, after her brother and father passed away, Andrea decided that she was old enough to take risks, so she took a Can-Am On-Road vehicle out for a spin. Oh, and what also helped was the fact that she had a riding buddy in her friend Coco, the founder and current president of Caramel Curves Motorcycle Club, an all-female riding group.

From her first test ride in the dealership parking lot, Andrea was hooked. “I was ready to go. I might have scared my dealer a bit,” she remembers, laughing. Nevertheless, she left the dealership with a Can-Am Spyder RS-S, which she has since driven over 10,000 miles, including to Atlanta and other Southern cities. Some of her best riding memories are with her friends from Caramel Curves, the aforementioned Coco’s group, but when you ride like Andrea does, “every ride is a memory.”

One way Andrea creates memorable riding moments is by always dressing up for a ride. That means putting on carefully selected shoes, shades, a cute bag… “I am something like a diva when I ride (and when I’m not riding),” she explains. Don’t miss a single ride (or outfit!) by following our beloved Andrea Shepherd on Instagram, at @justabosdiva.


“We just wanna ride!”

Tallahassee’s Coach Bob and Coach Vickie are our new favorite couple. This athletic duo from Florida is a model of the resilience and adventurous spirit that represent the Can-Am On-Road community.

Bob and Vickie are both lifelong athletes who have competed in swimming, running and biking before turning to coaching. Bob has been a two-wheel aficionado for most of his life, but Coach Vickie is actually the one responsible for their switch to the three-wheel lifestyle.

Vickie is paralyzed from the waist down, but she has never let that stop her from doing anything. “I still get out and thrive on new challenges,” says the fearless athlete, which explains why she accepted to join Bob on a 2,000-mile trip to California on a three-wheel vehicle. He bought their Can-Am Spyder RT vehicle just for her, knowing that she wouldn’t feel comfortable riding such a long distance on a two-wheel vehicle, but it turns out he’s the one who fell in love. “I have grown to become a Spyder fan boy,” he boasts. “Now, it’s my go-to machine!”

Less than a year has passed since their first trip, but they’ve already traveled over 12,000 miles on their Spyder RT vehicle. After riding from Florida to California and traveling across Georgia, they plan on eventually covering the whole continent, riding from Key West all the way into Canada. But make no mistake: as long as they’ve got each other, every ride is a priceless memory. “We just love taking the time to meander through towns, searching for magical spots and sharing stories,” says the couple. Check out their YouTube channel, CoachBob3, to sneak a peek at their adventures!


“From the moment I sat down on the Ryker, I felt instantly connected to it. Its raw rumble and stripped-down feel make me feel right at home.”

Khalil Barrett has technically been part of the Can-Am community for less than a year, but he has always been an adventure-seeker at heart.

From a young age, the West Palm Beach resident has had two passions: tech and the outdoors. His IT analyst job fulfills his tech side, but as soon as he leaves his desk, he’s headed outside. “I take all the opportunities I can to go kayaking, off-roading, camping…” Riding his Can-Am Ryker is the latest addition to his list.

Khalil remembers seeing Can-Am Spyder models in music videos in high school, but it’s only ten years later that he enrolled in the 3-wheel endorsement course. He had the opportunity to try 4 different Can-Am models, but with the Ryker, it was love at first ride. The rest is history: he finally got his own Ryker in January, and he’s since driven 2,500 miles on it.

In the past few months, he has mostly stuck to his home area, exploring every nook and cranny of Southern Florida, but he’s still amazed by his discoveries. “I love seeing new things, but I also love rediscovering sights I’d never taken the time to truly appreciate,” muses Khalil. His Ryker has become his adventure buddy, and his LinQ rack allows him to carry enough gear for overnight camping trips and fishing expeditions.

He’s also looking forward to taking his fiancée Mackenzie and their two dogs on a Ryker journey through North Carolina after their 2021 wedding.

Want to see more of his adventures? Check out his YouTube channel, 3-Wheel Khalil. Warning: his videos may give you an overwhelming desire to hit the road.


“Riding my Can-Am is all about freedom of motion. It is like flying three feet off the ground!”

For Amberlee Shaw, riding has always been a thrill. As a child, she would jump at the chance to join her father on a motorcycle ride. “You would see me on the back of my father's CBR with a gallon of milk in my lap!”

Since then, Amberlee has moved from the backseat to the driver’s seat of her very own 2019 Can-Am Ryker 900. She has clocked over 4,000 miles on her Ryker, most of them alongside her fiancé, Steve. Their adventures have taken them all across Southern Arizona. Amberlee counts her visit to Jerome’s historic Grand Hotel, “one of Arizona’s most haunted places,” and her journey along Highway 89’s twist-filled mountain road among her favorite trips.

Her itinerary was no coincidence: Amberlee cites Arizona as her favorite riding destination, thanks to its diverse landscapes featuring deserts trails, mountain switchbacks, dirt roads and much more. “We get 300 days of sunny weather in Arizona, and you can ride all year long,” she boasts. “I am still smiling after today's ride.”


Easily own the road, the dirt and the gravel with a full-throttle, adrenaline-charged riding experience like no other.


“Crowds aren’t my thing. I started riding to break free.”

San Diego’s Kendell Madden was born to stand out. This retired Air Force member somehow finds the time to be a dog dad, gold-mining expert, adaptive sports/jiu-jitsu instructor and photographer/video producer in addition to riding thousands of miles every year on his Can-Am Spyder F3-T and Can-Am Ryker. He has more than earned his spot in our People of the Open Road series.

Ever since his first Can-Am journey, a 10-day, 4,200-mile journey from Seattle to Tampa Bay, he has clocked in over 90,000 miles. From Mount Rushmore to New Orleans, Kendell has explored the United States and traveled its most scenic roads. His top riding destination, however, is still San Diego, thanks to its gorgeous “mountains, oceans desert, valleys, canyons, forests and lakes.”

“I started riding after leaving the military because I needed to fulfill my unrelenting sense of adventure”, recalls Kendell. That’s why he now serves as the West Coast Director of the Road Warriors Foundation (RWF), an incredible organization that Can-Am proudly supports.

The RWF provides support and relief to military veterans by empowering them through adventure therapy. This involves giving them challenges that honor their service, such as the monthly rides that Kendell organizes for his local RWF group.

Every RWF ride is a highlight for Kendell. “Riding with them is a lesson every time. Watching these brave vets overcome adversity over and over is a true blessing,” he gushes.

Kendell is so proud of his involvement with the foundation that he wears his RWF jersey on every ride. “It reminds me of the sacrifice and adversity that our vets overcome. The impactful memories stick with you for a long time, and my jersey makes me remember them each time.”


“Most Can-Am fans don’t even know Slovakia exists, but it’s got everything: fairytale castles, beautiful mountains, rivers with green valleys, and a Slovakian rider who is ready to take anyone on an unforgettable trip around the country.”

In 2015, Martin got himself a Can-Am Spyder F3 without taking it for a test ride. A bold choice, yes, but one that turned out to be the best he ever made. 5 years later, Martin has logged over 40,000 miles on the ride he lovingly calls “TheBeast”.

Hopping from one beach to the next in Albania, riding in the mud with friends in Serbia, exploring a small mountain village in Romania... Martin has created countless memories with TheBeast, and he has documented many of them for his YouTube channel, MartinTheVlogger.


Unreal performance, comfort that pushes you further, muscular design, and a world of open road. With a Spyder F3 growling beneath you, true open-air freedom is yours to be had.