Women of On-Road

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We Can All Stand Proud

Women of On-Road is designed to help overcome the barriers that prevent women from experiencing the power of riding.

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Only 20% of all riders on the road are women. We’re on a mission to change that and help grow the Women of On-Road community through inclusivity and education.

Ride a Can-Am Ryker

Discover how easy it is for women who ride to have a good time on a safe and highly customizable ride like the Can-Am Ryker.

Ride a Can-Am Spyder F3

Explore unknown roads on a stylish and comfortable 3-wheel vehicle with other women who ride.

Ride a Can-Am Spyder RT

Luxurious & innovative, dare to go where no other woman who rides has ever dreamed exploring before with the Can-Am Spyder RT.

Discover riding tips, mentorship and stories from thousands of women from around the world. It's a great resource at any stage of your riding journey, whether you're a longtime rider or just looking to learn more.

Women Apparel

With our inclusive lineup, you can let your fellow riders know your loyalty to a brand that empowers women who ride.

Learn with our videos

Riding videos for women by women! Discover all the steps you'll need to get you riding safely and easily in no time.

International Female Ride Day

May 6th was International Female Ride Day®. Thanks to everyone who took part! Were you one of the inspiring female riders from 75+ communities who rode out with us?