What are the best maintenance products for a Can-Am Ryker or Spyder?

The day you purchase your Can-Am Ryker or Can-Am Spyder is the beginning of an incredible adventure. And if you want to keep enjoying the open road for years and years to come, you'll need to know how to maintain your 3-wheel motorcycle.

With the right cleaning products in your kit, keeping your Can-Am ride in optimal condition is actually very simple. Let's run through a few key maintenance products designed to maximize the lifespan of your on-road companion.


Anyone who rides knows that squashed bugs stick to seemingly every surface. If you want to keep your 3-wheeler looking slick and spot-free, a specialized cleaner will make the de-bugging process a breeze. Just spray, rinse, and you're done – no scrubbing required. As an added bonus, this spray also removes tar, all without the risk of damaging your ride's paint, plastic, chrome, headlights, or windshield.

Speaking of stuck-on dirt, you never realize just how dirty a road can be until you take a closer look post-ride. Road grim wash is a spray-and-rinse solution that will melt away grease, oil, brake dust, and dried-on dirt in no time. Formulated specifically for powersports road vehicles, this wash product hits all of the pesky crevices and seams that bucket washing usually misses. And just like the bug cleaner, there's no scrubbing required.

If you're focused more on an all-around clean than targeting stubborn grime, you'll need a highly effective foam wash. Dirt is no match for this maintenance product's rich, thick lather; just apply, rinse, then step back and admire the shine that's left behind.


Now that you've got the outside of your Can-Am Ryker or Spyder looking tip-top, let's look under the hood. If you want to keep your 3-wheeler’s engine running smoothly, the easiest way to do so is with an XPS oil change kit. Pop open the box and you'll find everything you need to complete the process on your own, including XPS oil, an oil filter, o-rings, and a washer.

Even if you're not storing your vehicle for winter just yet, it's important to cover it up for protection. Keep away dust and other debris kicked up by the elements with a specialized cover, and make sure your 3-wheel vehicle preserves its shine between rides.


Stocking up on maintenance products for a Can-Am Ryker or Spyder makes vehicle care a no-brainer. You can explore our full range of parts and maintenance gear – we’ll see you (and your clean, shiny, tuned-up vehicle) on the open road.

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