How to clean your Can-Am 3-wheel motorcycle?

There’s nothing more satisfying than getting your Can-Am vehicle squeaky clean. With just a few key products and techniques, you can keep it looking slick. That way, when you pull up to the group ride, your vehicle will be sparkling. Here’s how to make it happen.

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To start, rinse your vehicle thoroughly with water to remove any dirt or dust. Warm water works well to wash bugs off the windshield and front panels, but if you want to give those parts a seriously deep clean, we recommend using a tailor-made bug-cleaning solution. (Plus, the bug cleaner can also wash away stubborn tar stains.)


Next, spray your ride with Moto Foaming Wash. Use a glove, sponge or towel to scrub it off, and make sure to look for grease or oil as you work your way around. If you find anything, a degreaser can remove it.


Once you’ve given your vehicle a good scrub, lather, rinse, repeat and dry it off using a clean, dry towel or chamois. Make sure to remove all water from the surface to prevent staining; using an air jet from a compressor is a good way to dry off the vehicle quickly and effectively.


If your Can-Am vehicle has a matte finish, you need to be careful: don’t use any wax, detail spray or other products formulated for regular paint. You should also avoid abrasive materials, mechanical cleaners or polishers, and scrubbing the vehicle too intensely, as these can ding or scratch matte surfaces. 

Instead, hand-wash it using a clean microfiber cloth with a waterless cleanser like XPS Matte Finish.

Note: Do not apply a vinyl or plastic protector to the seats; the surfaces can become slippery and the operator or passenger may slip off the vehicle.


A clean ride is a happy ride!

If you use these Can-Am-approved cleaning products and follow these simple steps, your vehicle will look as good as new, and you won’t damage the surface or internal parts. Time to open up the road for yourself and others!

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