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Where can you ride your Can-Am 3-wheel vehicle?

The Can-Am Spyder and the Can-Am Ryker models are “Freedom Machines” and can be ridden anywhere a street licensed vehicle can be operated. This generally means public roads that are open to street vehicles. Neither the Spyder or Ryker models are considered to be “off road” capable with their low ground clearance. Therefore, with any of our 3-wheel machines you want to stay on roads that are either paved (concrete, asphalt) or graded dirt roads, meaning they have been smoothed over by a road grader.

While Spyder models can be used gently and slowly on gravel roads, it is best to limit this type of use due to their belt drive system as we do not want to damage the sprocket or the belt drive. Ryker models use a direct drive system that is better suited to use on gravel roads, specifically the Ryker Rally Edition that also features a unique tire design. This model can be used on gravel or dirt roads if they are graded and smooth in nature. While not an off road machine, it does open up the world of smoother dirt and gravel roads of more remote and less populated areas.

While many riders will use their Spyder and Ryker models on high-speed 4-lane roads, most riders will find their best opportunity to be on the less-traveled 2-lane state and county roads. Many will seek out the more scenic “back road” paths, winding and twisting roads that are more engaging and fun to experience as you are riding the machine instead of simply driving it. In this sense, the Can-Am Spyder or the Can-Am Ryker becomes your Freedom Machine to explore the millions of miles of roads open to you across the continent. You can enjoy a new adventure every day, with endless opportunities.

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