How to Connect your Headset to the 7.8″ Wide Display?

Every ride is better if you can listen to your favorite playlists, take a call, chat with your riding buddies, or hear GPS instructions clearly. Today, we’re showing you how to pair a phone and headset with the Can-Am Spyder vehicle’s 7.8″ wide LCD color display and use basic features.

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Choosing a headset


BRP recommends using a Sena or Nolan N-Com headset with this display. We’ve tested models from these manufacturers to make sure they’re compatible with our Bluetooth and display features and deliver an immersive user experience.

Step 1: Power on

Make sure your vehicle is powered on, then wait for the Bluetooth hourglass icon (located in the bottom left corner of the right screen) to disappear. This can take 30 to 45 seconds. Once that’s done, pair your phone and headset to the display individually (not to each other, to avoid interference).

Step 2: Pair your phone

Start by pairing your phone to the display since you’ll need it to listen to music, control the audio, and make calls while you ride. 

To pair, navigate to the “Menu > Settings > Bluetooth,” then “Phone > Add Phone” sections of your vehicle’s display. Select “BRP CONNECT” in your phone’s Bluetooth settings once your phone detects your vehicle as a Bluetooth device. A code will appear on both the vehicle display and the phone; make sure they match, then wait a few seconds until the pairing is successful. From there, you’ll see a phone battery and network icon on-screen! That means you’re good to roll.



Step 3: Pair your headset

Restart the process for your headset by going back to the Bluetooth menu on the display of your ride. On there, you’ll see that you can pair either a rider helmet or passenger helmet to your vehicle. The driver will be the only one to receive and place phone calls, but both riders will be able to listen to audio!



If you’re the main driver, go to “Rider Helmet” and “Add Helmet.” The process for putting your headset in pairing mode will vary depending on the model, so consult your user guide if needed. Once it’s discoverable, select the green checkmark on the vehicle display, and your headset name will appear. Select it and the pairing process will start. You’ll know it’s ready when you see a helmet icon on-screen.



Step 4: Ride on

Each time the display turns on in the future, both devices will pair automatically if they’re nearby and powered on. If your headset doesn’t connect automatically, you can manually trigger the connection process in the Bluetooth settings of the display.

If ever you have an issue with your phone’s or headset’s Bluetooth connection, you can delete the pairing on the display and redo the pairing process.


What can you do with a paired phone and headset?


Let the fun begin. Once both devices are paired and ready to go, you’ll have access to tons of cool features to enhance your riding experience.

That’s what you call a great way to elevate your touring and tear it up on the open road.

Chat on the go

Directly in your Can-Am Spyder’s controls, you can access the Phone section to see your call history and your contact list, or make a call. There’s more! When a call is incoming, you’ll be notified on-screen right from your display.


Looking to ride to the beat of your favorite songs? You’re in luck. In the Audio section of your ride’s display, you can interact with your favorite songs and send music straight to your helmet. Before hitting the road, start a playlist or album on your phone from your downloaded music or a streaming app, then use the vehicle’s controls to pause, switch songs, and change the volume as you drive. But that’s not all you can do! Use the Music app through BRP GO! to easily manage the songs you play from the vehicle’s controls.

There are ways to customize things too. You can adjust the volume using your helmet, with different volumes for driver and passenger helmets if you want. Just remember that if you’re playing music on your headset, you won’t be able to also play it through the vehicle’s speakers.

Navigate with ease

Riding comfortably and having a blast are your new reality. If you use a GPS app that’s compatible with the display through BRP GO!, you can receive turn-by-turn instructions inside your helmet. This function works with navigation apps like Genius Maps, Sygic, REVER, and EatSleepRIDE (for iOS only). 

If you’re someone who likes to enjoy a few tunes on the road, you can control the volume for music and GPS indications separately. To adjust the volume of your GPS directions, use the vehicle’s controls while a direction is being transmitted. The sound bar for directions is yellow, while the sound bar for music is orange.


Always keep your eyes on the road, be aware of your surroundings, and enjoy the ride! It’s time to leave your mark and track down every lead.

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