What should I wear for different seasons when riding a Can-Am ATV or Side-by-Side?

Year-Long Considerations

No matter the season or conditions, off-roading can be a fun activity if you’re prepared for it. While some accessories like a good helmet and gloves should remain mainstays of your off-road wardrobe, there are some additional pieces of gear you may want to consider based on the season and local climate of where you decide to ride.

When you’re riding a Can-Am ATV or SxS, there’s more to consider than just style and good looks. At any time during the year, every off-road rider needs to have certain items in their kit. A good helmet and pair of goggles, such as the Pyra Helmet and Trench Goggles, are key, for example. Having a pair of gloves is also imperative when off-road riding. The Can-Am Steer Gloves, for example, not only improve your grip, but also help keep you warm on your ride.

To protect yourself against potential debris when riding, generally, shirts should be long-sleeve and pants should be full-length. Similarly, footwear should be closed-toe; boots that protect the ankle and shin work best.

Let’s go beyond the basics and look at the best gear for each season.


We all know spring is the best season for riding; bring on the rain and mud! Be it off-road rain gear such as water suits or mud suits that you can use a handful of times, you’d better be sure to gear up in waterproof attire. Especially when mudding, having the right ATV mud-riding gear is important. Built for extreme conditions, the Can-Am waterproof Mud Jacket keeps moisture out while vents keep you dry underneath. With Mud Pants, wet and muddy conditions won’t be an issue.

Don’t forget to bring multiple moisture-wicking layers for a possible change in weather too. Likewise, the waffle knit shirt not only works great by itself as a comfortable long-sleeve T-shirt, but also makes the perfect base layer. The Can-Am Utility Pant also offers a versatile, slim-cut design that makes it a great choice for the spring season. With a Can-Am Utility Overshirt, a proven and sturdy piece of outerwear, you’ll have no problems staying warm. When it gets even colder, however, the Utility Jacket has your back. Wind-resistant and water-repellent, it’s the perfect addition to your ATV rain gear to handle the quickly shifting weather that spring has to offer.


Even though hot summer days certainly make it tempting to only wear shorts and a T-shirt, we always recommend keeping your legs and arms covered to help avoid getting hit by any branches, dust or rocks that may come too close. Wearing something like a super lightweight moisture-wicking jersey and quick-drying pants will help get you through those warm days!

The Tetra Jersey, for example, makes the perfect lightweight top for hot summer days. With mesh panels under the arms providing extra airflow, it even boasts anti-microbial fabric that fights odor-causing bacteria, keeping you cool and fresh all day long.


When fall arrives, the temperature begins to drop, so make sure to always ride with a good packable puffer jacket or a very thick mid layer — or both! It’s advisable to bring along a packable rain jacket as well to always be ready for a change in weather. Moisture-wicking and quick-drying, the Can-Am Windproof Jersey makes for a perfect lightweight autumn accessory.

On even chillier days, the Puffer Jacket will be your best friend. Not only stylish, it’s also the perfect piece of insulated outerwear for any adventure. Stretchy and comfortable, it traps in the heat with down-like insulation. Plus, its water-repellent finish and added reflective details keep you dry and confident when traveling safely in low-visibility conditions.

Fall can be a great time to ride your Can-Am vehicle, and with the proper gear to wear, it’s even better.


Depending on the climate, winter may not be the most popular season to ride off-road in your Can-Am vehicle; however, many of our Defender riders will keep on working, hunting and riding — no matter what. To combat the cold, we suggest a super heavy-duty work parka. Make sure to look for reinforcements in the knees, seat and elbows, as well as something that can be warm yet breathable so that it can do the work for you! In tandem, the Expedition Jacket and Expedition Highpants are the perfect duo for tackling all winter has to throw at you.

A Can-Am Exome Helmet can be a great choice when the temperatures drop, helping you focus on the trail ahead by maintaining clear vision even in the most rugged of terrains and conditions. If you find the temperature drops quickly, be sure to open the vents to let the hot air out and the cooler air in for optimal visibility. The anti-scratch lens and retractable sun visor will also help ensure your line of sight remains unobstructed, and the quick-release chin strap makes taking it on and off easier than ever.

To stay extra warm, a Neck Tube is the perfect accessory for keeping the wind out. It can be worn in 12 different configurations, from bandanna to full mask and plenty in between. Given its small size, there’s no reason not to pack it for the ride.

A sturdy pair of gloves, such as the Expedition Gloves, will really help complete the kit. Windproof and waterproof, they keep you warm and dry when you need it most. Plus, leather details reinforce the grip, and touchscreen-capable panels on the thumbs and index fingers keep you connected. For even more warmth, try out the Can-Am Expedition Radiant Gloves, which come actively heated so not even the snowiest days stand a chance at ruining your comfort.

Can-Am Has You Covered

No matter the season, Can-Am has just what your off-road wardrobe needs so that you can ride with confidence. Check out the Can-Am Off-Road Shop to learn more and grab some gear for yourself. Also, always consult your vehicle’s operating guide for more specific information.

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